do you have a con coming up?
do you want to personalize your id badge
with your character? i can create a custom badge
for you to wear with your lanyard.

visit my etsy page to order yours today!

  irays deluwin
zippy batbirt yvonnia
isoldi sogni morney
senza edelweiss happypancake
cambozola tirinia goray
ryz kynanya crazyeights
jooniper delvar pirate pepe

samples of wow characters

these were done with illustrator and photoshop. you can choose the painted or the solid look.

i can add pets and companions to portraits.

i am happy to put your distinctive transmog
on your character.

  chewbacca draenei lady edelweiss
kat jonnock and syri deathwing
berdie sanders charley kitty
hiraeth raid team

more samples

full body portraits and group shots are available in prints suitable for framing.

characters from other games and stories are available.


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