i am dedicated to creating a better world
through art, by encouraging people, young
and old, to explore and create. in my own work,
i strive to take things that are ordinary, overlooked, quotidian and transmute them
into something unexpected, regal.
a dried up fall leaf, all curled and decaying, becomes a graceful piece of metal, turned
and twisted, upon a rock.
the water retreating from a beach becomes
a length of sunlit satin on the sand.
a small, dull cell phone photograph of a fork becomes intimate and noble when transformed into a drawing.
finally, the landscape is translated into explosions of watercolor and oil pastel, leaping, bounding, and pirouetting around the paper.

i received my bfa from alfred university. i have
a post-graduate diploma from the burren college of art - nui galway. i studied classical
and 3d animation at the vancouver film school.
i worked for two years in a professional sign-making studio using traditional media.


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